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Seraphic Saturday Podcast: Episode 5

Published by Rhett Del Campo On September 11, 2020

EPISODE 5: Historical Music

The Seraphic Saturday Podcast Companion

Welcome to the Seraphic Saturday Podcast Companion. Our fifth episode explores historical music and the joys and challenges of its contemporary interpretations. You can listen to this podcast at one of the links above, or by searching “Seraphic Saturday Podcast” on your favorite podcast search tool.

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EPISODE 5 PLAYLIST (available on Spotify)


Announcer: Thomas McCargar

Host: Patrick Dupre Quigley

Segment 1: Nicholas McGegan

Conductor Nicholas McGegan joins host Patrick Dupré Quigley to talk about blossoming interest in historical approaches to music of the past.

GuestNicholas McGegan

Segment 2: Guy Fishman and Edson Scheid de Andrade

Cellist Guy Fishman and violinist Edson Scheid de Andrade join host Patrick Dupré Quigley to discuss their work in historical music.

Guy Fishman
Edson Scheid de Andrade

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Production Credits

Producer: Alexis Aimé

Announcer: Thomas McCargar
Host: Patrick Dupre Quigley


GUESTS (in order of appearance)