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About Us

Plans & Reports

Strategic Plan

The four pillars of the Seraphic Fire strategy represent the four areas in which we will pursue excellence and set the standard for contributions by professional choral ensembles. These pillars form the basis for all initiatives undertaken by Seraphic Fire, and each directly contributes to the achievement of the vision and mission.

  1. Musical Experiences: Presenting concert experiences that position Seraphic Fire as the preeminent advocate for, and exhibitor of, professional choral performance.
  2. Engagement through Education: Providing opportunities for children and adults to connect with, learn from, and perform with Seraphic Fire, both locally and nationally.
  3. Recording & Documentation: Creating evidence of the body of work that defines and advances choral music.
  4. Artist & Organizational Development: Offering opportunities for Seraphic Fire artists and administrators to further their knowledge and experience to advance their professional careers and benefit Seraphic Fire.

Financial Reports