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Seraphic Saturday Podcast: Episode 4

Published by Rhett Del Campo On August 7, 2020

EPISODE 4: Seraphic Inquire: Handel Edition

The Seraphic Saturday Podcast Companion


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Welcome to the Seraphic Saturday Podcast Companion. This month we introduce our new game show segment called “Seraphic Inquire” hosted by Jeopardy champ and alto extraordinaire, Doug Dodson with longtime Seraphic members, Brenna Wells and Steve Bradshaw. Doug will test Brenna and Steve on their knowledge of Handel and his masterpiece, Messiah. You can listen to this podcast at one of the links above, or by searching “Seraphic Saturday Podcast” on your favorite podcast search tool.

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The Seraphic Inquire theme song was written by Shawn Crouch

Selected works from:

GUESTS (in order of appearance)

Production Credits

Producer: Alexis Aimé

Source Material:

The Duel

Fast writing and borrowing

Handel and Hendrix

Standing during the Hallelujah chorus