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Seraphic Saturday Podcast: Episode 3

Published by Rhett Del Campo On July 10, 2020

EPISODE 3: Contemporary American Music

The Seraphic Saturday Podcast Companion


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Welcome to the Seraphic Saturday Podcast Companion. Our third episode explores contemporary American music, with the goal of demystifying this genre for our audiences. You can listen to this podcast at one of the links above, or by searching “Seraphic Saturday Podcast” on your favorite podcast search tool.

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Seraphic Fire “New Music” Playlist on Spotify | Read the Text & Translations

Tracks featured on Episode 3 of the Seraphic Saturday Podcast

Responsorio delle tenebre a sei voci
Salvatore Sciarrino, Singer Pur

The Arc in the Sky, Part 3 “Arc,” VII. Jerusalem
Kile Smith, The Crossing, Donald Nally

Path of Miracles: IV. Santiago
Joby Talbot, Tenebrae, Nigel Short

Cantata No. 2, Op. 41 “Voyages”: No. 5, Descent
Benjamin C.S. Boyle, The Crossing, Voyages String Ensemble, Donald Nally

Place, Pt. 3: No. 19, Colonizing Space
Ted Hearne, Place Orchestra, Isaiah Robinson

Fire in my mouth: 11. Factory
Julia Wolfe, New York Philharmonic, Jaap Van Zweden, The Crossing, Donald Nally, Kevin Vondrak

Anonymous Man, Pt. 6 “On That Terrible Beautiful Morning”
Michael Gordon, The Crossing, Donald Nally



“Moonlite” by Variant 6
“Sumptuous Planet”
“The Gallant Weaver”


AnnouncerThomas McCargar

HostPatrick Dupre Quigley

Segment 1: Rebecca Myers and Steven Bradshaw

Soprano Rebecca Myers and tenor Steven Bradshaw, members of Seraphic Fire as well as Variant 6, a contemporary American vocal ensemble, and The Crossing, a GRAMMY-winning chorus, join host Patrick Dupré Quigley to talk about contemporary vocal music.

Rebecca Myers & Steven Bradshaw
The Crossing
Seraphic Fire, The Sebastians

Segment 2: Clara Osowski

Mezzo-soprano Clara Osowski joins host Patrick Dupré Quigley to discuss contemporary American song.

Clara Osowski
Haunted Blue
Source Song Festival

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Production Credits

Producer: Alexis Aimé
Announcer: Thomas McCargar
Host: Patrick Dupre Quigley

GUESTS (in order of appearance)

Recordings featured on this episode:

Opening Music

Marc-Antoine Charpentier: Te Deum, Seraphic Fire, The Sebastians

Kile Smith: The Arc in the Sky, VII, “Jerusalem”, Donald Nally & The Crossing

Everything Was Almost Mine, Jeremy Walker & Clara Osowski

“Light of the Common Day”, Reincarnations, Patrick Quigley & Seraphic Fire

Beethoven 3rd Symphony, Leonard Bernstein, New York Philharmonic

Beethoven Symphony Neunte, “Freude schöner Götterfunken“, Monteverdichor Würzburg

“Santiago”, Path of Miracles, Joby Talbot, Nigel Short Tenebrae

Moonlite, Variant 6, Wally Gunn

Movement II Preview, Six Pensees de Pascal, Jeremy Gill’s – Album To Be Released

“To the Hands: No. 6. I Will Hold You”, Caroline Shaw, Donald Nally & The Crossing

“Immigration”, Fire in My Mouth, Julia Wolfe

“Factory”, Fire in My Mouth, Julia Wolfe

”Descent”, Voyages, Benjamin C.S. Boyle, Donald Nally & The Crossing

“On That Terrible Beautiful Morning”, Anonymous Man, Michael Gordon, Donald Nally & The Crossing

“There Will be Rest”, Seraphic Fire Christmas, Patrick Quigley, Seraphic Fire

“Confutatis” Mozart Requiem, Seraphic Fire

“Place”, Colonizing Space, Ted Hearne and Saul Williams, Isaiah Robinson 

“Everything Was Almost Mine”, Jeremy Walker & Clara Osowski

“I Dare You”, Jeremy Walker & Clara Osowski

“Prudence”, Jeremy Walker & Clara Osowski

“This Open Road”, Jeremy Walker & Clara Osowski (feat. Anthony Cox & Tesfa Wondemagegnehu)

“Madchenlied”, The Voice of Janet Baker, Dame Janet Baker and Ernest Lush

“Die Junge Nonne”, Dame Janet Baker

Purcell, King Arthur: “T’is Love That Hath Warmed Us”, Patrick Quigley & Seraphic Fire