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Seraphic Saturday Podcast: Episode 16

Published by Rebecca Ashton On March 19, 2022

EPISODE 16: Professional Choral Ensembles with Dr. James K. Bass

The Seraphic Saturday Podcast Companion

Welcome to the Seraphic Saturday Podcast Companion. In this episode, Dr. James K. Bass leads us through the recent history of professional American choral ensembles with the help of Bass Eric Alatorre, and conductor Craig Hella Johnson. With Eric’s decades-long tenure at Chanticleer, he takes us through the ensemble’s beginnings to its award winning present, while Craig reminisces about Conspirare’s impressive path forging the way for professional choral ensembles throughout the country.


Host: James K. Bass

Featured Guests:
Eric Alatorre
Craig Hella Johnson

Featured Ensembles:


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Production Credits

Producer: Alexis Aimé
Engineer: Meryl Dominguez