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Seraphic Saturday Podcast: Episode 15

Published by Rhett Del Campo On February 12, 2022

EPISODE 15: Baroque Enlightenment: Dame Emma Kirkby

The Seraphic Saturday Podcast Companion

Welcome to the Seraphic Saturday Podcast Companion. This episode, we will be discussing performing Baroque vocal and instrumental music in anticipation of our second Enlightenment Festival. First, Patrick Quigley interviews the imitable soprano Dame Emma Kirkby, with well over 100 recordings spanning from chant, to madrigals, and most especially the music of the Renaissance and Baroque. Later in the show, soprano Nola Richardson talks to trumpeter Josh Cohen about the unique qualities of the Baroque trumpet. Both of these artists will be performing Bach in our Enlightenment Festival in February 2022.


Host: Patrick Dupre Quigley
Dr. Nola Richardson

Featured Guests: Dame Emma Kirkby
Josh Cohen


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Production Credits

Producer: Alexis Aimé
Engineer: Meryl Dominguez