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Seraphic Saturday Podcast: Episode 1

Published by Admin On May 2, 2020

EPISODE 1: Gamma Ut

The Seraphic Saturday Podcast Companion

Welcome to the first episode of the Seraphic Saturday Podcast. This blog article will have links to streaming full tracks from the episode, guest bios, and more. You can listen to this podcast by clicking on the link above, or by searching for “Seraphic Saturday Podcast” on your favorite podcast search tool.

For a tutorial on listening to podcasts, click here.


EPISODE 1 PLAYLIST (available on Spotify)

Tracks featured on Episode 1 of the Seraphic Saturday Podcast

Living in Light: I. Buried Love
Heather Gilligan, Margot Rood, Patrick Owen

Living in Light: IV. A Little While
Heather Gilligan, Margot Rood, Patrick Owen

Aultre Venus estes sans faille
Johannes Ockeghem, Blue Heron, Margot Rood, Aaron Sheehan, Scott Metcalfe

Les arts florissants, H. 487, Scene 4: Parais dans ta beauté première
Marc-Antoine Charpentier, Margot Rood, Boston Early Music Festival Chamber Ensemble, Paul O’Dette, Stephen Stubbs


Opening Music
Marc-Antoine Charpentier: Te Deum
Seraphic Fire, The Sebastians

Announcer: Thomas McCargar

Host: Patrick Dupre Quigley

Segment 1: What is a Seraphic Fire?

Quigley & James K. Bass, Professor of Music at the Herb Alpert School of Music at UCLA, discuss 17 years of Seraphic Fire with a brief intro to the ensemble and its music-making.

GuestJames K. Bass

Segment 2: Baseball! Baseball!

Soprano Margot Rood talks about the release of her new solo album, “Living In Light: The Music of Heather Gilligan,” recording Charpentier with the Boston Early Music Festival, and Ockeghem with Blue Heron. She also delves into details on regional accents, historically informed summer stock, and performing Bach and Handel with Seraphic Fire.

GuestMargot Rood

Segment 3: Cocktail Party

Familiar Seraphic Fire personalities discuss Seraphic Fire history and tell their favorite on-the-road stories.

Kathryn Mueller
Misty Leah Bermudez
Reginald Mobley
Steven Soph
James Bass

Segment 4: Listener Mail

Seraphic Saturday Podcast producer Alexis Aimé presents questions submitted by listeners and Quigley answers.

Production Credits

Episode 1 of the Seraphic Saturday Podcast is made possible by David L. Webb and W. Lynn McLaughlin.

Producer: Alexis Aimé
Engineer: Paul Rudoi
Fact Checker: Sara Guttenberg
Announcer: Thomas McCargar
Host: Patrick Dupre Quigley

GUESTS (in order of appearance)

James K. Bass
Margot Rood
Kathryn Mueller
Misty Bermudez
Reggie Mobley
Steven Soph